Three Ways to Ignite a Real Life After Loss

Hi, I’m Dave Matthews Mathews with Spark of Life and I want to share three keys with you today on how to reignite your life after loss. These keys can help you move forward with the pain you’re experiencing in a way that doesn’t debilitate you for the rest of your life.


1.    Re-ignite Thoughts by Letting Go of Negativity and Embracing Positivity:


The first step in igniting a new relationship with grief is examining the thoughts in your “brain box.” Identify the negative beliefs that may be hindering your recovery, such as “I don’t deserve happiness” or “God must not love me.” Recognize that these thoughts are false and replace them with positive thoughts and memories. By doing this, you can begin to let go of the pain that has been holding you back.


2.    Keep It Simple:


In his book “The One Thing,” Gary Keller talks about the domino effect, which demonstrates how one simple action can lead to significant results. Recovery from loss is achieved when you make small, correct decisions that contribute to your overall well-being. Give yourself permission to grieve, but also give yourself permission to have a healthy recovery. Focus on simple and small actions that can help you heal, such as expressing gratitude, speaking words of life to others, or taking care of your physical and emotional needs.


Remember – all you can do is all you can do – and all you can do is enough. You CAN do the next right thing.


3.    Ignite a New Relationship with Grief:


To reignite your life after loss, you must accept that you cannot change what happened in the past. However, you are in charge of your own recovery. You have the power within you to make decisions that will help you heal and move forward. Allow yourself to feel sadness, but also recognize that this sadness doesn’t have to decimate your life or debilitate your other relationships.


Loss is an inevitable part of life, and learning how to reignite your life after loss is crucial for healing and growth. By letting go of negative thoughts, keeping it simple, and igniting a new relationship with grief, you can move forward with your life in a healthy and productive way. Remember, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are real and valid, but they do not mean that you are actually hopeless and helpless.

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