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Get help with grief after loss. We offer online courses, virtual coaching, and virtual and in-person retreats designed to help you heal, cope, recover and live forward from grief. Join thousands of people who have experienced our retreats and taken our courses as they share their stories of recovery.
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2nd Annual Spark of Life Virtual Gala Always Hope

November 11, 7 p.m. CT

We Offer Virtual Grief Coaching Sessions To Help you Cope With The Loss Of A Loved One

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Spark of Life Grief Online Courses, Grief Retreats, and Virtual Grief Coaching  have and can give real hope to Live Forward.
"We had a lot of disfunction and grief. This course brought sunburst rays of hope, kindness, and love that we can start radiating again."
Steve & Bethany J.
Living Forward after Losing Two Children
Grief Online Course
"It helped me focus on my loss and reframe what I am going through. Before I felt hopeless and in despair and now I feel hope."
Jenny D.
From Hopelessness to Hope after Loss
In-Person Retreat #109
"By the moment I arrived at the retreat we were greeted with love. As tough as this weekend was for me it gave me the tools I was hoping for."
Lauren F.
Found Hope to be Happy Again
In-Person Retreat #100
living forward

Spark of Life Podcast

Living Forward is an uplifting podcast that covers the range of losses that reshape our lives. While these challenges can disable us in many ways, Living Forward digs deep into topics, guests and resources that encourage and shed light to a path that grievers at times cannot see.
living forward podcast
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