The Power of Story

My friend, I want to share something truly remarkable with you about the power of storytelling and its ability to help us find hope after experiencing loss. I know that in the midst of pain and grief, it can feel like we’re lost, unable to make sense of the chaos that surrounds us. It’s in these moments that storytelling can become a beacon of hope, guiding us towards understanding, acceptance, and healing. Let me tell you about Bernard, a man who faced immense challenges and loss in his life, and discovered the courage to confront his pain head-on.

At a marriage retreat, Bernard was asked two questions: “Where are you from, and why did you come to this retreat?”

Instead of sharing his personal journey and the struggles he faced, Bernard spoke of his professional successes, leaving his wife embarrassed and upset. The following day, something changed within Bernard, and he finally broke down and shared his heart-wrenching story of loss and pain, touching the hearts of everyone present.

You see, Bernard grew up in Poland, where his father was a renowned doctor and wealthy. However, their lives changed dramatically when the Nazis targeted them, forcing the family to flee to America with nothing but the clothes on their backs. In New York City, Bernard’s father worked tirelessly to support the family but became increasingly bitter and abusive towards his children.


Despite experiencing such traumatic events, Bernard never spoke of his pain until that fateful day at the marriage retreat. In sharing his story, Bernard found the strength to accept the things he could not change and the courage to change the things he could. He showed those around him that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood and that there is hope in the midst of grief and loss.

Acceptance is a critical component of finding hope after loss. It means acknowledging the reality of our situation and allowing ourselves to heal. For Bernard, accepting his father’s abuse and the loss of his home in Poland was essential to finding peace. I know that you, too, might be struggling with acceptance in the face of loss.

The story of Bernard serves as a powerful reminder that we can only find hope when we confront reality and accept what we cannot change. I want to encourage you to share your pain, find a safe space, and take small steps to live forward. You don’t have to do this alone – organizations like Spark of Life exist to support and provide hope in the darkest of times.

Never underestimate the power of storytelling and acceptance in helping you find hope after loss. Bernard’s story teaches us that it is never too late to make a change in our lives and that everything is in context. By sharing your pain and accepting what you cannot change, you can heal and move forward with grace and hope.

Remember to give yourself some grace, stop doing things that hurt others, and find a space that is safe for you to share your pain and take small steps to live forward. Remember Bernard, the man who got real and confronted his past, and let his story inspire you to find hope in your own journey.

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