How to turn ‘give up’ to ‘get up’ after loss

Hello my friend.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by grief? Have you ever felt like the pain and hurt of your past was too much to bear? Have you ever felt like quitting because the weight of your grief was too heavy? I understand how you feel because I’ve been there too. But let me tell you, there is hope. You can overcome the pit of grief and find joy and happiness again.

Let me share a story with you. Bob and his wife attended a Spark of Life Grief Recovery Retreat two years ago after losing their teenage daughter to suicide. On the first night of the retreat, Bob looked the facilitator straight in the eye and said that nothing anyone could do or say would ever give him joy again. But by the end of the retreat, Bob’s attitude had changed. He had found hope and a renewed sense of purpose.

So how did Bob do it? How did he overcome his grief? There are three things that can help propel you out of the pit of grief and bring it to its knees.

First, believe in the power of story. At the Spark of Life retreat, Bob heard other people’s stories of loss and how they had overcome their grief. Stories give us hope because if someone else can do it, so can you. The power of story is in every workshop and retreat that Spark of Life does. Hearing other people’s stories can help you find the strength and courage to keep going.

Second, practice gratitude. When we’re in the midst of grief, it’s easy to focus on what we’ve lost. But practicing gratitude can help us shift our focus to what we still have. Take a few moments each day to think about what you’re grateful for. It could be something as simple as a warm cup of coffee or a phone call from a friend. Focusing on gratitude can help us find joy in the present moment.

Third, take action. Grief can be paralyzing, but taking action can help us move forward. It could be something as small as going for a walk or reaching out to a friend for support. Taking action helps us regain a sense of control and can give us a renewed sense of purpose.

Remember, you don’t have to stay stuck in the pit of grief forever. There is hope. Believe in the power of story, practice gratitude, and take action. You can find joy and happiness again.

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