An Amazing Three Days | 2022 AACC Highlights

A few weeks ago Spark of Life had a booth at the American Association of Christian Counselors conference in Dallas.

We talked to hundreds of people about the mission of helping people find hope after loss.

The highlight of the conference was seeing a former participant named Krista who had a booth right across from us. She came to Spark Retreat # 19 (out of 118 retreats we have had) in 2013.

We of course hugged her and then she made our day, week, month, and year! She told us words that motivate us to continue this work.

“Spark of Life changed my life. I will never forget that weekend! I love you guys!”

We love you, too, Krista. You have taught us and others to never quit, to never lose hope totally.

You have taught us that there is always hope, no matter what the loss.

Oh, Krista is now helping others find hope. Her passion and enthusiasm to help others is contagious and inspiring. Her organization is Sonset Point Ministry. Their mission statement:

Sonset Point Ministries’ mission is to provide God’s hope and healing to all members of broken families as they seek restoration and healing. We offer tools and resources to help children, teens and adults recover from the pain and grief associated with losing a loved one or divorce.

People helping others have hope. Pretty amazing.

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