Episode 05: When Give-Up Lurks Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Rusty Meadows, partner and Spark of Life retreat leader since 2010.  Together we discuss the process of grief, the emotional effects of how giving up creeps into our daily life, and how we can deal with the feelings of giving up.

Episode 06: Change The Brain Box Part 1 Podcast

Tired of being stuck in the pit of grief.  In this 7 part series, we discuss the first steps to the mindset changes that we must overcome to move through the grief stuck seasons and live forward.  

The Myth of the 5 Stages of Grief

The 5 Stages of Grief is a myth. Buying into this myth can derail one in their grief journey.

God and Grief MYTH: God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

Thousands of grievers who we have worked with hear this God myth often: that God will not give them more than can handle. Is this true? Or is it a myth? David Mathews of Spark of Life helps you see the myth of this – and how buying into this myth can hurt a health… Continue reading God and Grief MYTH: God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

THE BIG God and Grief Myth

Do God people have the right to grieve deeply? Is the depth of my grief tied to a lack of faith? David Mathews of Spark of Life gives insight that will help you to grieve in a healthy way – and help you to Live Forward with the pain of your loss.

Where is God in the Midst of Loss?

When the ‘dirt’ of life piles up, and everything goes wrong, where is God? Questions like this are common when deep loss comes. Spark of Life Co-Founder David Mathews shares some insights that might help.

Attack Grief!

Those who Live Forward after devastating loss choose to do so. Spark of Life’s David Mathews shares a powerful attitude that can propel you to Live Forward with hope and purpose after loss. Choose to go on the ATTACK with Grief. Hey, I’m Dave Mathews with Spark of Life, where our mission is to walk… Continue reading Attack Grief!

Defeat Grief Now

Can one really live forward after a devastating loss, having purpose and joy again? Can the debilitating effects of grief be defeated, and can we be transformed through our pain? The answer is yes! Absolutely. Spark of Life Co-founder David Mathews shares this incredibly encouraging message of how we can develop this attitude of defeating… Continue reading Defeat Grief Now

How to Embrace Grief to Find Joy Again

Being transformed through loss and grief in order to live forward with hope and passion and joy once again, seems like a fantasy, doesn’t it? Well, welcome to the Spark of Life Webpage, where we really believe the following. We believe this because 1,500 grievers have taught us this, who’ve we got to spend time… Continue reading How to Embrace Grief to Find Joy Again

How this Unbelievable Grief Story can Give You Hope

The thought that I can be transformed through my grief with all my losses, and transformed into a better person, a better version of me, is ludicrous to a lot of people, including this guy. For a long time, I thought my past defined me, instead of propelling me. I thought my past, with the… Continue reading How this Unbelievable Grief Story can Give You Hope