Why Do You Hurt Me, God?: Discovering God and Life in the Midst of Pain


We often feel alone and betrayed when we need God the most. Did God abandon us? Did he even hear our prayers? Whether one is raised in faith or no-faith, the ‘God’ questions can dominate when loss hits us. These and other questions concerning God seem impossible to understand or answer. Though no one can answer ALL the questions of Why?, there are some answers that help us navigate through the mine fields of doubt, anger, and confusion.
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Why Do You Hurt Me God? by Spark of Life co-founder David Mathews, helps you explore this life-altering question in a unique, down-to- earth way.

David leads you on a journey from the valley of excruciating pain to the mountaintop of exhilarating praise. He helps you work through the dilemma of life’s ‘dirt’, explaining:

There are some answers to life’s difficult questions, and God is certainly big enough to handle those questions. If we stuff our true feelings when the dirt is so overwhelming, and do not ask the tough questions, it may be easier to simply give up on the God concept.

But if we ask and are honest with our doubts and confusion, we may discover some of the answers, and God’s “wow-ness” may actually increase.

The ‘dirt’ of life poses serious challenges to each of us. Why not come along on the journey? Ask the difficult questions. Learn how to live with the dirt and live forward  with confidence.


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