When the 'dirt' of life piles up, and everything goes wrong, where is God? Questions like this are common when deep loss comes.

Spark of Life Co-Founder David Mathews shares some insights that might help.

Do God people have the right to grieve deeply? Is the depth of my grief tied to a lack of faith?

David Mathews of Spark of Life gives insight that will help you to grieve in a healthy way - and help you to Live Forward with the pain of your loss.

Thousands of grievers who we have worked with hear this God myth often: that God will not give them more than can handle. Is this true? Or is it a myth? David Mathews of Spark of Life helps you see the myth of this - and how buying into this myth can hurt a health recovery from loss.

The 5 Stages of Grief is a myth. Buying into this myth can derail one in their grief journey.

Tired of being stuck in the pit of grief.  In this 7 part series, we discuss the first steps to the mindset changes that we must overcome to move through the grief stuck seasons and live forward.  

In this episode, we are joined by Rusty Meadows, partner and Spark of Life retreat leader since 2010.  Together we discuss the process of grief, the emotional effects of how giving up creeps into our daily life, and how we can deal with the feelings of giving up.

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