777, Mickey Mantle, Seinfeld, and Spark Retreats

I like the number ‘7’ for many reasons. Of course for those males born in the 50’s and who grew up when the Yankees ruled the baseball world, ‘7’ meant one thing – Mickey Mantle. George Constanza on a … [Read more...]

When a Terrorist Attack Hits Home

“This one’s for you Bud” My wife Debbie and I arrived in California on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. It was the day of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. We stayed in Whittier, about a 45-minute … [Read more...]

In Honor and Memory of Nohemi Gonzalez

The American Killed in the Paris Terrorist Attack. ‘Sparks’ of Life Found Everywhere  We were in Whittier, CA in December, for various reasons, one of which was to meet with many alumni in … [Read more...]

When a Bag-Wrestler Became a King

‘Entertaining Kings and Queens at Spark of Life Retreats’ One of our goals during a retreat is to treat our guests as a ‘king or queen’ for the weekend. That means we are there to serve those who … [Read more...]

700 Heroes

What 700 ‘Spark of Lifers’ Have Taught Us   I once described a hero as one who can hit a ball a long way, as in a Major League baseball player. As we get older, often our heroes change. I know … [Read more...]

Ten Lessons We Have Learned from Losing a Child

My wife Connie and I work with Spark of Life, here are 10 life lessons have helped us grieve the loss of our precious son Matt. 1.  Our faith in God gave us hope and sustained us in the darkest … [Read more...]

Changed Lives can begin with Generosity

Spark of Life retreat #46 will take place this weekend in Jefferson County, Colorado. Eighteen courageous participants will gather at 9,000 feet overlooking the Rocky Mountains to gain some tools and … [Read more...]

Match Made! Thank You!

Thankfulness overflows today as we announce that our end-of-the-year matching  opportunity has been met. So thanks to each of you who had a part in this. Hundreds prayed for this, and 125 of you gave … [Read more...]

Spark of Life Honors David and Karla Stracener at Annual Gala

4th Little Rock Gala Huge Success   The 4th Spark of Life Little Rock Gala was held on October 30. Over 150 attended this annual event, held at the Warehouse on the campus of the Fellowship … [Read more...]

Spark of Life Gala

Announcing the 4th Annual Little Rock Spark of Life Gala “An Evening With Spark of Life – Denim and Diamonds” Thursday, October 30, 2014 – 7-9 PM At the Warehouse – Fellowship Bible Church 1401 … [Read more...]